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Tribal Mystica Holland

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Tribal Mystica´s Gonda performs solo in the biggest theaters!
Tribal Mystica gets stuck: Love in the elevator!
Mystica´s snakewoman gets her joints in a knot and ends up at the hospital!

Tribal Mystica

Tribal Mystica is an ATS Tribe founded
in 2004 by Gonda.
 Mystica combines adjusted moves
from famous american tribes with Gonda´s moves,
specially designed for Mystica.
The performances are ALWAYS 80-100% improvisation.

Tribal Mystica performes and teaches different styles
of tribal, inspired by FCBD, Gypsy Caravan, Ultra Gypsy
and the Indigo. Mystica also uses special theme dance,
like Spanish Tribal, Gothic Tribal and India Tribal.

The costumes are authentic combinations with
nomadic jewellery, or fantasy-like.
Except for the traditional black costume,
all the costume idea´s come from Gonda.

The Tribal Mystica dansers make ALL
of their own costumes theirselves!