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Tribal Mystica; Biography




American Tribal Style is a bellydance-style,
devellopped in America 30 years ago.It is a fusion
of authentic looking dances and movements,
almost always danced by a group of dancers (Tribe).

This dance style makes it possible to improvise
with a group of dancers, in a subtile way,
so it has the `looks`of a choreography. 

Gonda learned the Tribal Style by instructional
and performance DVDŽs from America,
and  she took many workshops.
This way, she tries to make this - in Holland unknown-
dance style as popular as in the USA and Germany.

Of course she adapted and combined all movements
and created new ones, creating a new,
 personal tribal bellydance-style
especially for her troupe.

The Tribal Mystica Style is unique, all movements
have a certain `gesture` so all dances by Tribal Mystica
are group-improvisations.

The show/demo team (10 dancers)
has 4 different group costumes
at this moment, which we always try to adjust to the occasion.
Most unique is the off-white costume,
with many shells and bone ornaments.

Gonda has been bellydancing for 11 years, and performes
professionally since 1998. She started teaching modern bellydance
7 years ago in her own studio Mystique.

She founded Tribal Mystica in March 2004
and since then she performed solo and with the Tribe
all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

With her (international) workshops she reaches a lot of dancers
who lose their heart at Tribal!

The newest project; An instructional DVD Series in Dutch with all the Tribal Mystica moves and cues!
If youŽre interested, please send an email
and weŽll put you in the database!