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Tribal Mystica; Elles
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Born in Dordrecht 01-09-1988

Bellydance since 2003

Tribal Bellydance since 2004

Tribal Teacher since 2006



* Funny Faqs*

*Elles discovered bellydance and tribal
after taking many years of  ballet, streetdance, tough breakdance,
even ballroomdancing classes.

 *Elles is studying Cultural Antropology
at the university of Utrecht.


*Elles lives in a cute a little appartment
and created her own little oriental palace.


*Elles got her driverslicence,
so she can drive the other
TM dancers to shows ( or shops!! ;-)



Elles loves to dance on really heavy music (Heavy metal, Gothic metal) and prefers
to do so with her sword.

She also likes to use Zills (cymbals),
and her goal is to improve
her  Djembe-skills.


Elles followed Gonda´s footsteps
to Morokko and also discovered,
next to beautiful nature
and very nice locals,
dispite of all the spiderweb-like
streets and alleys,
Gonda´s favorite Tribal Treasure Room
in the middle of the Marrakech souk!


She was stunned and returned to Holland with a suitcase full of goodies!!