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Tribal Mystica; Gonda
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Born in Rotterdam 05-12-1977

Bellydance since 1994

Professional bellydancer since 1998

Bellydance Teacher since 1999

Tribal Bellydance since 2002

Founded Tribal Mystica in 2004

Mother of Isis Gaia 08-08-2005

Daughter of TM Member Corrie

* Funny Faqs*

*Gonda´s animals:  several big snakes, bearded dragons, a pigeon,
black chickens and a rooster,
and two black cats (Onyx and Jade)

*Gonda´s non-stop talking
(even in her sleep)

*Gonda has a tattoo on her back
with a combination of the Egyptian
Symbols of the goddesses
Isis and Hathor,
tattooed in honour of her daughter Isis, soon to be worked on again!

*Gonda´s favorite colour is....Pink!

*Gonda has a huge collection
of authentic tribal jewellery,
her house looks like a museum!



* Inspirations*


Rachel Brice


Gypsy Caravan

Jill Parker

Cirque du Soleil


* Music*

Earth Beat


Gypsy Caravan





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