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Tribal Mystica;Info & Contact




Tribal  Mystica has a showgroup of 10 dancers,
capable to perform at different occasions,
for example dance shows / performances and demo´s.
In a varied show of 10 to 30 mins they can show the different
aspects of Tribal, like happy dances with cymbals
and mysterious dances with swords or candles.
It is also possible to expand the show with snakes
and firebreathing and -eating.


It is possible to book a workshop with Tribal Mystica,
in which you learn the basic steps, moves and cues
used by Tribal Mystica.

Workshops of 2 or 4 hours are recommended.

Weekly Classes

All the Tribal Mystica classes are at Monday evenings,
Class schedule;

19.00-20.00 Tribal basics
20.00- 21.00 Tribal intermediate
21-22.30 Tribal advanced

Classes cost € 100,00 for 16 hours

Workshop Series

For those who don´t have the time to come at monday,
you can join the WS series!
You get 4 sunday-afternoons class for 4 hours.

Workshop series cost € 140,00 for 4 days

Mail us for prices and possibilities.

Tel: (0031) 6-50 956 009

Dansstudio Mystique, Herptseweg 4 d/e/f, Oudheusden.