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  Shows + WS Leyla Jouvana Duisburg  03-03-07( DE)

Show Gothic  Lemmer nov. 2006

Show Haarlem 2006

Show + WS Heusden 2006

Show Mundial Heythuizen 05-06-2006


Show Roosendaal Marhaba Festival 28-05-2006

...we really don´t like the dutch weather!!


 Show Leiden 15-04-2006




Tribal-Oma (granny...) with Gonda´s daughter Isis Gaia

  Show int. Oriental Festval Brussels 11-03-2006

  Hunting for tribal treasures in Morocco!


  TV Show 17-12-2005


  Show in Circus at 21-01-2006



  Show in Heusden at 01-01-2006



   Show Oriental Magic 2005

Show Antwerpen Zills ´n Thrills 05-06-2005



  Show Schijndel 05-11-2005


  Show Vlissingen at 10-05-2005


  Show Alles Tribal Germany 16-04-2005




  Show Oosterse Wervelingen Breda 12-03-2005






  Show Oosterse Wervelingen November 2004